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Deportivo Pereira


Idols and our best

Casimiro Avalos

Pompilio Paez

Oscar H. Quintabani

Paraguayan  Striker highest scorer in the team's  history


A warrior, the player with most minutes played for the team



An Argentine goalkeeper one of our best and idol of the fans

Holguer Quiñones

Ruben D. Hernadez

Hugo Arrieta

Ecuatorian wing a crows favorite.



A great striker and fan's favorite 34 goals in 1994 season

Striker with 36 goals during 1995-96 season

Carlos Rodas

Jorge R. Caceres

Sergio A. Sierra

Otro goleador con 27 goles temporada 97-98



Known as "La Fiera"

which means "The Wild"

 Argentin midfielder know as "El Flaco Sierra" which means "The Skini"

Benjamin Cardona


Known as "El Mincho"




Best Squads

Dep. Pereira 1952


Dep. Pereira 1962


Third place n 1952 a team to remeber


Third place in 1962


Dep. Pereira 1966


Dep. Pereira 1974


 Third place in1966 

Third place in 1974



Dep. Pereira 1982


Dep. Pereira 1992

One of the best if not the best squad.  Full of great players an beatiful soccer in 1982.

One squad that won't quit.  Players that gave all to the team a squad to remeber.


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